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 How to make a gunz private server TUT

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<Admin> Delles
<Admin> Delles

Posts : 359
Join date : 2008-11-05
Age : 24
Location : USA

PostSubject: How to make a gunz private server TUT   Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:23 pm


*Note, When Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005, when prompted, be sure to fill out the password field for the SQL log in name 'SA'.

Open the Microst SQL Server Management Studio Express. A box should be up, connect to the SQL Server 2005 you got. To do this, click on the Drop Down menu under 'Server Name' and select 'Browse For More'. Now under the LOCAL SERVERS tab, expand the 'Database Engine' and double click on the engine that appears when you expand it.

Now you can connect two diffrent ways, Windows Authentication, or SQL Authentication using the SA username and the password you provided while installing.

Now go to File>Open>File - and select the GunzDB.sql file. After you do this, hit connect on the new box. Make sure the 'SQL Editor' tool bar is viewed by right clicking on 'File' and allowing it to be seen.

In the toolbar there is a dropdown menu with the word 'master' in it. Drop the menu and select the GunzDB and then click Execute. You will get a message saying the commands were completed successfully.

Now click on Start on your task bar. Start > Run and then type odbcad32. In the User DSN tab click add. Now in the new window scroll all the way to the bottom and select SQL Server. Then click 'Finish'.

Now in the new window, type under Name type 'GunzDB', under description you can type anything, leave blank if you want, but for the SQL Server you have to go back to the Management Studio, disconnect by pressing the little icon, then Copy the SQL Server Name and then reconnect, go back to the box we had open previously and paste it.

Click next, then under 'How should the SQL Server identify authenticity of the Log In ID' tick off the 2nd box. Make sure the bottom checkbox is also ticked where you right your username and password. Type SA for the username and the password you provided while installing SQL Server 2005. Then press next.

In the next box all you gotta do is check 'Change the default database to' and type in the box 'GunzDB'. Press next, then press finish. A new box should come up. To test if you did it correctly, press the TEST DATA SOURCE button, if it fails you did something wrong. If it says its good then continue by pressing OK.

Now, open the LegacyGamers patch and patch your IGunz game.

Now place the server files into the C:\ Drive and extract them into a folder name 'GunzServer'. After that, go to the 'Locator' folder and then open the Locator.ini file. You will see a part that says,
You can change the IP part to your actual IP or change it to say "localhost". I prefer changing it to localhost.

Go into the matchserver folder and run the MatchServer.exe. Then minimize it.

Bring up the Management Studio, expand the database folder in the side, Expand GunzDB, expand Tables and right click on 'dbo.Accounts' and 'Open table'.

This is where you make your account. Leave AID field as it is, in the UserID field type your account username in your private server (10 characters or less preferably), and in the password field your password. And in the GradeID type in the grade. A grade is what position your account is.

Administrator - 255
Developer - 254
Banned - 253
Normal Player - Leave Blank

After you type that press enter and on the SQL Editor toolbar click Execute.

After that go into your patched IGunz folder, open the config.xml with notepad. Find this in it,

Now change the IP part to whatever you wrote in Locator.ini (localhost is what i preferred). If you wrote localhost just change it to this:

Then press File > Save. Then close it.

Put the mrs unpacker and the dll included in a folder in the Gunz directory. Copy and paste the system.mrs file in there too.

Now open a notepad and type this in it

mrs.exe d system.mrs
Save it in the mrs folder, change the extention from .txt to .bat and then run the file. A new folder should be made called System, go into that folder and copy the file zitem.xm then go back to MatchServer folder and paste zitem.xml over the one in there. Close your matchserver.exe thats running then run it again.

Now open Gunz.exe from the folder log in with the account ID and password you made and enjoy your private server.

I believe prems should be available in shop.

/admin_ban <charname>
/admin_wall <text> ("Broadcasting Message")
/admin_halt ("Server Shutdown")
/admin_switch_laddergame 1
/admin_hide ("Makes you Invisible")
/hide ("Makes you Invisible?")

Links will be posted below in a bit.
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<Admin> Mesos
<Admin> Mesos

Posts : 270
Join date : 2008-11-06
Age : 24
Location : Toronto,Ontario

PostSubject: Re: How to make a gunz private server TUT   Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:55 pm

Whoa nice, almost the same as the Maplestory pserver thing.

One great cause of failure is lack of concentration.
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<Admin> Delles
<Admin> Delles

Posts : 359
Join date : 2008-11-05
Age : 24
Location : USA

PostSubject: Re: How to make a gunz private server TUT   Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:38 am

Yea. This is a writing. Im using video to create Metal Gunz.
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PostSubject: Re: How to make a gunz private server TUT   

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How to make a gunz private server TUT
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